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My First ASMR expierience

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, has little to no research on it because no one funds it. No one cares.

So I have no idea why certain sounds like whispering, brushing, soft jingles, rubbing, and tapping cause me to experience strange sensations in my head. It’s very hard to explain. At first, my brain feels like something is grasping it gently. Then certain areas, like my scalp and forehead, feel like they’re being grasped more tightly. Then the areas begin to create a sensation between tingling and vibrating. This is all gentle though.

In fact, it feels good.

To those who don’t experience these sensations after hearing certain sounds, this description sounds like at this moment, I’m sitting with several IV’s attached to me, my heart monitor blaring to everyone that I’m alive- and nervous, and every five minutes a nurse named Diana comes in to check on me.

But I don’t. Sorry.

Anyway, I’ve watched a video that triggered my ASMS a couple days ago, and now, I think Miley Cyrus said it best. I can’t stop.

I’ve actually kept this a secret, because ASMR videos on YouTube include roleplaying, certain sounds that turn on these sensations… it’s almost like porn. Everyone has different triggers, different preferences, and always feel a bit… er, satisfied after watching these videos.

My triggers come from paying attention to these sounds and being reeeelaaaxxxeeed. It helps to being focused, breathing, and quite. These videos are made to cause these sensations, relax the audience, and some are especially made to aid people in falling asleep. ASMR people claim that these videos help them manage anxiety and control panic attacks.

 If you’re wondering if you can get these ASMR sensations, I put one of my favorite videos.


And remember, relax. I dare you to tell me how it went and if you experience any other weird sensations from random things… because we’re human, and we’re weird.